How to Make Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

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Kelley Selvage is showing in this video on how to make this easy homemade anti-wrinkle face cream.

Thіѕ is ѕuсh a good anti wrinkle сrеаm for thе ѕkіn.

Avocados Diminish Wrinkles

All the avocados аrе vеrу, vеrу rісh in antioxidants. Its fatty acids will plump the skin and in turn will diminish wrinkles.

Almond Oil for Skin Hydration

The almond oil hydrates and soothes the skin. The consistency of the almond oil is very similar to oils in our skin. And our skin absorbs it better.

If you don’t have almond oil, you can use olive oil.

Easy Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Ingredients

Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

  • 3 slices of ripe avocado (about 3/8 of an avocado)
  • 5 drops of almond oil

After mixing the ingredients you can apply the mixture to the entire face or you just concentrate on wrinkled areas.

Watch the video for directions on how to make this homemade anti-wrinkle face cream and its application.

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paisleyyama says:

I`m just saying you can`t judge the effectiveness of a wrinkle cream on a young woman. You can only judge on older women who naturally have aging skin.

MissJuliaCupcake says:

Young women who wish to prevent wrinkles are SUPPOSED to use anti wrinkle creams. It obviously wont do much if you already have a face full of wrinkles, the key is prevention.

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LolaLetsSamba says:

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Afaf Abuhilal says:

for how long can we keep this? is there anyway to keep it for one month

Jade Furline says:

Do you wash your face after or just keep the creme on all day???

ChestExercise says:

Any proof that the cream actually acts against wrinkles any more than any random vegetable oil put on the face?

Mary Gibson says:

Anyone tried Natoxoran Secrets (just google it)? I have heard several incredible things about this anti aging cream and my buddy completely look younger and defying her age using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

Diana knales says:

What if you have oily skin?

alyshaw101 says:

Umm… Isn’t this a mask lol

anativa88 says:

But I also love DARI NATURAL’s skin care products. They use natural olive oil, tea tree, calendula and unrefined shea butter! It’s amazing!

markitafeltmann says:

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songs98 says:

can i use coconut oil instead?plz reply

gypsydragongal says:

~Anybody here in thier 30s & tried this for smile lines? Please let me know if it has worked for you. Thanks

sageeex0 says:

amazing. THANKS!!!!!1 I’m going to make this! Even though I’m only 21… can’t hurt to take care if the skin early!

xobekahgirl says:

come on people.. use it as a mask & then rinse it off! this is common sense! no one’s gonna go about their day with avocado spread all over their face. 😛

amaraanderson says:

Thanks for all your ideas:) My face is full of wrinkles. At first they are not visible but now they are visible. Lots of inconvenience. Later I have used REGENEVIVE anti aging kit which can reduce wrinkles with in few weeks. It will start working as soon as you apply it on your face. Try it once and see the difference.

paisleyyama says:

Older women can have excellent skin, I agree, but older women do have more mature facial features even without wrinkles. This woman is not in her 50`s or older. Anyway, if you think marketing wrinkle cream with young women rather than mature women is best, that`s your opinion. I simply have a different opinion. It`s no big deal we just have dif. opinions on the matter.

paisleyyama says:

I didn`t say I wanted a wrinklely faced person showing off the cream. I said an older person. Young ppl naturally don`t have wrinkles but older ppl do so to see if it works you need to see the effects on an older person`s face. As for this woman`s age, no I don`t know how old she is but you can see she`s not at a wrinklely age.

paisleyyama says:

I`m just saying I want to see how it works on an older face that should be wrinkling. A smooth 23 year old face shouldn`t have wrinkles so it`s hard to tell if the cream helps wrinkles or not on a young face. It`s much easier to tell on an older face. So that`s not judging it`s just common sense.

themidgeey says:

“over half a decade…”
so just over 5 years then

fiatuno69 says:

I like your natural products.Some people are so uneducated.

gothgirl1217 says:

can you use this to prevent wrinkels?

clair johnson says:

cant hear ya…louder please….fck me

Frosty539018 says:

She said apply it under the eyes or all over the face. I assume let it on as long as you would for other average facial treatments

Drewy Teves says:

Uhmmm… I guess it’s because it just says how to MAKE.

DeathByStiel says:

This cream helps me fap.

smallelmo133 says:

lol “over half a decade”…so just 5 years.

Lub Dub says:

Invite your friends over. Get some chips, salsa, and beer. Eveyone can take turns using your face as chip dip.

MallikaEmpire says:

This girl is pathetic…!!!!

MallikaEmpire says:

This girl is pathetic…!!!!

aparaajita10 says:

moral of the story” whatever works for your butt, works for ur face too. BTW, why do the people want their faces to look like some one’s butt?

paisleyyama says:

This is a young woman making a wrinkle cream! I want to see an older woman who has been using this wrinkle cream and see how she looks.

DivineLight59 says:

I use Preperation H cream as a night cream.It is a hemorrhoid cream.It will shrink wrinkles just like hemorrhoids.

DivineLight59 says:

Found easier and faster.Peel avocado&rub the oil on face from peeling .Leave it on all night.Rinse off with pure water & you will find your face will feel like a baby’s butt.No waste because eating the avocado helps too.

A St.Clair says:

Won’t it make your face green??????

EuropeanSkinCare says:

yah.. that mixtures are really great..but some mixtures can be combine not only in avocados.. There are lots of available products that can be use for it..

nwbxvcmqlskdjfhg says:

Is it a cooking type of almond oil or like a special skin and body oil?

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